• Inspiring and improving your child's communication

    Specialising in children's speech and language therapy, we provide programmes built specifically to your child's individual needs.


    With 4 therapists and over 20 years of clinical experience working across Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, we're delivering unrivalled expertise in a way that's structured, straightforward and successful.


    It's all about giving your child a positive, engaging and impactful experience, one that sees them thrive in whatever they choose to do.

  • Let's keep everything clear and simple

    We know this can be a stressful time for you as a parent. You want to make sure you get the best for your child and importantly, to understand what best actually is.


    That's why we've developed a clear and straightforward process. At each stage we want you to understand what we're doing, why we're doing it and what you can do to play your part too.


    It has three simple phases: Assessing, Reporting; Therapy


    This is where we get to know your child and you too.


    We carry out an assessment of your child to understand their communication skills and needs. This assessment may include formal standardised tests and informal assessment through play and observation.


    We also take the time to understand a little about you – what are your thoughts and your needs for your child. You can be as much a part of the development process as your child and we are!


    Following our assessment we will prepare a report detailing our findings.


    This will give you a full understanding of our assessment, with identification of your child's strengths and needs, setting out the programme of therapy that we recommend.


    It's important to note that at this point you are under no obligation to take the therapy any further.


    The recommended frequency and length of the therapy programme will be discussed at the initial assessment.


    It's likely that your child will be seen once a week, at a regular time and in a regular location. Therapy sessions last for up to 60 minutes and comprise structured activities to meet your child's needs.


    We want sessions to be fun and engaging and we use a wide range of toys and games in our therapy. In addition, we can provide homework activities so you can get involved with your child's therapy too. Sessions can be carried out in our clinic in central Aberdeen, in your home or in your child's school.


    We regularly collaborate with other relevant stakeholders such as your existing NHS therapist, educational psychologists, paediatricians, health visitors, head teachers, teachers and classroom assistants.

  • Specific areas of specialism

    Within our work there are specific streams of support that we regularly provide. These include: speech delay and disorder; language delay and disorder; autism; stammering; developmental delay; learning difficulties; physical impairment and dyslexia.

    Speech delay and disorder

    Children with speech delay and speech disorder have difficulty producing a number of sounds and, as a result you may find it difficult to understand your child's speech.


    We can work with your child to help them learn how to make the sounds they find difficult.


    Clearer speech and easier communication for your child will result in less frustration and more developmental progress.


    Children with autism have varying levels of difficulty with communication and social interaction.


    Your child may have difficulty understanding language and with talking. They may find it difficult to interact with other children and adults. You may find their behaviour difficult to manage.


    We will work with you and your child to develop functional communication to support improvement and understanding of language.

    Language delay and disorder

    Children with language delay and disorder are slower to develop spoken language. Your child may have difficulty understanding instructions and may have only a few words. Older children might have difficulty constructing sentences and having conversation.


    We can work with your child to improve their understanding and their language skills.


    Better language skills result in more effective communication and increased learning potential.


    Around 5% of children will stammer at some time during the development of their speech and language.


    Your child may repeat whole words or only the start of words and they may find it difficult to get the words they want out when they are talking.


    With therapy techniques such as Lidcombe and Michael Palin parent-child interaction we will teach your child techniques to achieve fluent speech.

    Training programmes

    We can provide specially tailored training for groups who are interested in expanding their knowledge of speech and language development and therapy.


    We also provide training for teachers, nurseries, health professionals and parent groups who want to develop their roles supporting children with speech and language difficulties in their setting.




  • Experience and expertise

    Gillian Steel

    Therapist / Director

    Gillian graduated from Queen Margaret College in 1992. After graduating she worked in the NHS for several years before starting up in independent practice with Rachel. Gillian's background is mainly in additional support needs including autism and learning difficulties. Due her experience she is confident in working with children and young people with a wide range of communication difficulties.

    Rachel Stewart


    Rachel graduated from Glasgow University in 1993. She worked in the NHS for many years before setting up in independent practise with Gillian. Rachel has always worked with a mixed caseload and enjoys the variety this allows. She has a special interest in language disorder and in speech delay and disorder and experience in working with children with a range of communication diffiuclties.

    Fiona Lynch


    Fiona's first degree is in Linguistics and she completed a post - graduate in speech and language therapy in 2012. Fiona made the move from Ireland to Aberdeen and has worked with Steel Stewart since qualifying. Fiona has worked with a wide range of client groups so is able to offer therapy to children and young people with a variety of speech and language difficulties. Her areas of interest include dyslexia, bilingualism and language disorder.

    ASLTIP member

    The Association of Speech and Language Therapists in Independent Practice. ASLTIP provides information for members of the public seeking private therapy and provides information and support to therapists.

    HCPC Member

    The Health and Care Professions Council regulates health and care professionals in the UK. All health and care professionals registered with HCPC are genuine and meet national standards.

    RCSLT registered

    RCSLT is the professional body for people working in speech and language therapy in the UK.

  • Let's talk!

    Websites are all good and well for giving you the functional information, but we really need to talk. Please call, or if you prefer, email us in the first instance.